Monday, 13 August 2012

Where To Start?

I'm back from my holiday, boo. This will probably be a short blog, and then in a few days I'll probably do a long one as I finally remember everything I want to write about.

Well whats been happening in my life?

  • Moved into new house. And when I say new, I mean new. Brand spanking new and it's amazingly warm and comfortable. Can definately see this helping our journey as now I'm so much more relaxed and happy and warm!
  • Had our 4 year anniversary last week, DP bought me some flowers and breakfast. We haven't bought proper presents yet as all our money that fortnight went into moving and weekend away.
  • Went away for the weekend to the beach. Yes, beach in winter! It was amazing weather and warm, got to laze on the deck with a drink in the sun staring out over the sea. Bliss.
  • Ovulated on Friday just been, very positive test. Yay! These OPKs are helpful as my P Tracker told me I wouldnt be ovulating yet, and My Days was saying that was the day and I had no idea which one to go off! Guess it was My Days for the win.
  • That makes me now 3DPO and into the 2WW. Urgh. I'm not sure how I feel about it now, I was so confident this cycle, now I'm into the 2WW i'm just not sure. :/
  • Started properly using my Fertility Friend chart today. So it looks absolutely boring with only one temp on it. I know, I know, today at 3DPO is not a good time to start charting! But if I didn't do it now then I'd never get around to it.
  • I have resolved I NEED to go to the gym more, as in start. My thighs and my belly have expanded and I just don't want to wear tight tops anymore as I HATE the look of my gut. :(

So, that is all I can think of ATM. I do however also have a few questions for all you lovely ladies! (D will love this as it's about OPKs :P )

  • On FF when charting, what do they consider a 'positive' OPK? Is that from when I first see a line, or is it when I first get the dark line thats stronger than the control?
  • What's a normal temperature? I entered my 11am temperature (yes, not a good time) but that's when I remembered. I am going to start doing them when I wake up tomorrow onwards, but anyway at 11am today my temp was 36C. Compared to other peoples charts this is a very low temperature, I've been feeling cold a lot more than other people but whenever I've had a check up the Dr has never said anything? 

I feel like this charting thing is going to make me more obsessive compulsive about this TTC than before haha, I'll be always looking at my chart. 

I will be making a video hopefully on Wednesday, was hoping to today but I have run out of time before work. And tomorrow my friend is coming around, with her baby, urgh. I always dread this time. I used to look forward to her visits, now they are just filled with her pushing her baby at me. It's almost like she is trying to make me feel better about not being able to conceive by giving me her child for a few hours a week and honestly that's not what I want. Its not MY baby, I DON'T want YOUR baby.  Just let me admire him as I'd like and not push him at me like a teaching tool. I will learn how to parent when I become a parent, and when you try tell me about how to I become agitated and annoyed. I'm not a pet project.
Honestly, I am the type of person that when I become pregnant/a mother to a live baby if someone tries to tell me "Do this, do that" "This is how I do this.." "This is the right way to..." "I do..." etc I will dislike them. Obviously there are exceptions, such as nurses/midwife and my own parents. But everyone else I don't want to hear it, I want to learn it and live it myself, don't spoil this learning experience for me!

That was a bit of an unexpected rant. Lol. And now I must go to work, so until next time TTFN lovelies.

PS: Big congrats to D ( on her BFP! :) FX for a happy healthy journey.


  1. Thank you lovely lady! :) I'll try to answer your questions for you (since they are my fav topic...haha).

    1. Positive opks are those where the test line is either just as dark or darker than the control line. Only mark it positive if you get one of the above (which it sounds like you did...yay!).
    2. 36c is a pretty low temp for 11 AM in your LP. Is that the time you woke up for the first time? My temps are always pretty low in the follicular phase (as low as 36), but then after I ovulate they range from 36.38 to 36.88. It could be that your thermometer is out of whack somehow or maybe it wasn't placed quite far enough under your tongue? I know a lot of women temp vaginally because they say it is more accurate. Maybe try a few more times orally and if that doesn't work then try vaginally? If your temps are consistently low then it could be a sign of a thyroid problem that could be easily fixed with some meds.

    Oh and definitely don't listen to what people tell you about what it is like having kids. You are so right about that. Everyone's experiences are different! I hate when people say..."Oh just wait until you have kids and then you'll never have fun again". Ugh! Those people need to be slapped!

    1. Thank you so much for replying, I temped again this morning when I woke up and it was 36C again. I sat there wondering "does this thing go over that?" If tomorrow it says 36 again I shall throw it out.
      I'll try putting it a little further into my mouth and see if that works also. :)

      Hah! Have those people ever tried TTCing and watching everyone around them complain about the one thing they want? Now THATS not fun! :P