Thursday, 29 November 2012

I've been slack, but help please! :)

Hey everyone sorry I have been so slack lately, I really thought that going back to my normal work hours would mean I had more energy, but that was a joke. Hahah.

So today I am 18 weeks exactly, it all seems to just be creeping up to that 20 mark, half way uh oooh.
People always say "it doesn't feel like halfway though because there's about 5 weeks you didn't know" and I just feel like saying "actually I was struggling to conceive so those 5 weeks you "missed" were infact the longest 5 of this whole thing!"

Anyway, I will do a proper weekly update HOPEFULLY tomorrow as I don't have anything planned tomorrow monring, but for now I am wanting some advice from all you lovely people. :)

I am going to post some links and want to get your thoughts etc on a few different things.

Item 1) Travel system, has anybody used/heard about the Chicco Travel Systems? I am liking the Cortina one a bit more I think, but just wanted to get some advice on whether it was good/bad/heavy/waste of money etc.
If you haven't heard of them, is there a travel system you would recommend? (I live in Hobbitland thou so may not be able to get the same stuff here :( )

Chicco Cortina System

Chicco Trevi System

Item 2) Cloth Diapers. Whose good, whose bad, who leaks? Etc. I LOVE the patterns that I found on this Luv Earth facebook page, but would love to get some feedback. :)
Luv Earth Diapers

Item 3) BABY NAMES :D I am just wanting maybe some suggestions on names I haven't got on my list that may be similar or something I might like. Let me know, I am keen to hear ANYTHING as you never know what you may like. :)  I do already have my faves but I'll let you know them later when we find out what bub is
My Baby Name Ideas

So PLEASE let me know what your opinions etc are, I am open to hear anything and just want to get some background info on these things.
Thanks In Advance, :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

So Busy! + Weekly Update

Wow, I have been SO busy lately with work I just haven't had time to be on here! But things are getting back to normal now for about another 5 weeksish. Over Summer (winter to you in America) I won't have much time at all but I will attempt my best at getting on here. :)

So whats been happening? Well...I've still been feeling baby move. :) Finally my MS is all gone and eating food is no longer a hassle, I can eat whatever. Doesn't have to be exactly what I want at the time, but I still get strong cravings every now and then for some things.

My belly has popped! I'm so excited, I can't wait till its a bit more pronounced so I can look properly "pregnant" to those who don't know me.  Those who are on my FB and saw my latest pic reckon I am 'perky' and 'high set' which makes me happy, I really would love a girl... but I'm just happy I get a baby!

I have been looking around at cots, prams, carseats, bouncers... and I have found the pram and bouncer I want. I know the style of cot I want, just trying to find a good not too expensive one. As for carseats, I am damn picky! Haha.
If anybody has any good recommendations PLEASE let me know, or if there are any brands I should avoid also let me know. :)

How Far Along? Today makes me 16 weeks exactly.

How big is baby? Baby is now an avocado! Woo, getting big.

How I'm feeling? MUCH better :) Still get tired and sore, but a lot better than I was.

Weight? N/A, I might take this out as nobody will weigh me until the end.

How I'm changing? Very forgetful, belly popped, boobs still growing.. 

What I miss? Atm, nothing. :)

Symptoms?  Tired, hungry all the time

Aversions?  Mince, not a fan... 

Meds? None atm. 

Appts? Midwife is 6 Dec, and scan dates will be mid-Dec but no date set yet. :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Gas ?

As I sit here and go to write to you all, I just can't stop releasing gas! This is possibly a good sign after last night, which I will begin to explain.

Last night I came home fully prepared to do Date Night with DP as he'd requested earlier in the week. DP didn't finish till near 7pm, and in he rocked with a box of bourbons and his best friend in tow. Conclusion: Someone forgot about date night.
Little while later DP asks if I left car outside for a reason, i reminded him of said Date Night and he had totally forgotten. I didn't mind as by time he got home I was exhausted, but the thing that gets me is how he brings home workmates/friends occasionally on a week night. I have explained to him I usually am shattered and just want it to be us to relax and weekend is friend time, but no he still does it.

Well he had to go pick something up for work the next day so he and BF went to get that while I had a shower.
Normally Im not a fan of showers as I get sore feet standing so long, but last night it turned to hell.
I went to get out the shower and noticed my stomach was quite sore, it quickly progressed to the "OMG must sit down NOW" stage and whenever I sat it eased, but standing it just felt tight and sore.

Me, being me, I then proceeded to lie on the couch and go through all my days food and activity and possible things that may have caused my pain and whether I had just given myself a miscarriage. Yes, thats right I believed I was about to experience yet another miscarriage.

Turns out I'm not as "safe" feeling about this baby as I first thought. :(

This morning I woke up and still felt a bit off and heavy, but since I've been farting I haven't been feeling so bad.

This has not meant my miscarriage fears are gone however, as the other night lying in bed I noticed I kept getting these sensations that I wondered were they baby or was it gas from all the coke I had drunk (BIG craving that night). Then I read D's post here and I realised I was feeling the same stuff she was!
It WAS baby, baby had just been awokened by all the damn Coca Cola it made me drink! Me and DP found it quite funny about that craving as DP is a lover of coke and I am always telling him he drinks too much, so we began joking that baby was taking after him.

Last night however, I didnt feel those same sensations. And now all I want more than anything is to be at that stage where I can feel baby strongly and all the time. I'm only 15 weeks, so I know it's normal to not feel that yet espec with first baby... but I can't help it!

What do you all reckon? Was this round ligament pain? Was it just gas? Or just random pain?  As the time ticks by without anymore serious pain or bleeding I feel safer, but I still want to know what it was, I want to know baby is safe!

Monday, 5 November 2012

So slooow

Time is going so slooooowly. I am 14 weeks and ..... erm, 4ish days I think? I have lost track.

What's new in my life?
Well DP is getting right up my nose. In the past 3 weeks he has forgotten twice to put out the bins in the morning, and that is a disaster here because one week is the Big bin, then the next is the glass, then the big bin, then glass etc etc. And he remembered only the glass bin... NOT the one that NEEDS to be emptied.
I text him this morning to let him know he had forgotten again, and that I don't know how he forgot since all the neighbours bins are out and they are bright orange. He had to walk past one to get into his work car. :/
I wouldn't mind as much, except he had already been annoying me with his laziness. I feel like he thinks I am already on maternity leave and have nothing better to do than clean up after him. Leaving his stuff wherever it dropped, leaving food and allsorts on the kitchen bench, toothpaste all over the bathroom sink, marks in the toilet.... urgh its never ending.
I actually sat here and cried this morning as our lounge/kitchen is open plan and so the smells of food from the kitchen just float through to the lounge and make me feel less than ideal aswell.

I am also getting sick of everyone asking me "Can you feel it move yet?" No. No I cannot, and when I can I will be sure to let the world know my excitement, but for now shut up and let me sit in anticipation. They have asked me so often that now I feel like perhaps I should be feeling it, and why aren't I? When will I? Is baby ok? Thank you dear people for scaring me.

I'm not sure whether its just me, but I HATE it when people who have already had children feel the need to tell you "oh you'll feel this and this will happen" "have you done this yet?" "i can't wait till you ____". Seriously, I am so glad you enjoyed your pregnancy, but I too would like to enjoy the fact this is my first pregnancy and I would like to discover everything BY MYSELF. They are sucking the excitement out of it for me.

So this post has accidentally turned into a moaning blog, woops. I am sorry, but there are some good things going on. :)

I have found myself getting a little bigger and I enjoy just sitting or lying and rubbing my belly, it just feels nice. I hope baby inside feels it too.

I am going away on a girls weekend at the end of the month with my mum, aunty and cousins. We all get along fantastic and my eldest cousin is bringing along 3 of her kids, and the youngest one is only a few months old. I am pretty damn excited to spend time with him and know that soon I'll have one of my own! Does mean I won't be able to jump on the motorbikes, but I shall survive. :) Plus, getting away to relax will be amazing! I should be 17 weeks by then, and have myself a cute bump that people will not be able to mistake for fat. Hahaha, plus it will be Summer! YAY, my favourite season.

Well I think this post is pretty long, so I shall leave it there. Hope you are all enjoying life, and FX for some more BFPs soon!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Woops Bit Late..

Realised I haven't done a Weekly Update for weeks 12 or 13 !

How Far Along? Latest scan makes me now 14w+1day

How big is baby? Week 13 baby was a peach :)

How I'm feeling? Tired! I am so much more tired, and everyone kept saying Id have more energy. Liars. :(

Weight? Nobody wants to weigh me, so I shall plug in my Wii later and check myself.

How I'm changing? Belly growing, otherwise I think Im pretty normal. Forgetting a lot of stuff tho... 

What I miss? Chugging back Milk, I used to be able to drink it for days on end and now once or twice a week :(

Symptoms?  Tired, hungry all the time

Aversions?  Honey Soy Chicken noodles, I dry retch at the smell. 

Meds? None atm.  Need to get more Iodine

Appts? Well Midwife & Scan are over :) See pic below. Next ones are in December, uuurgh the wait begins again!