Sunday, 26 August 2012


Aaargh today started as an amazing relaxing day, I was going braless lying on the couch all day ready to watch trashy shows. :) Then DP told me we have to go out to his Mums rental house and check it out as tenants were moving. So I got prepared, and that all went swell.

Then while visiting my parents on the way home, BOOM, drama. A "friend" of mine accused me of a range of stuff and text me calling me all sorts of names. I was shocked to say the least and upset, and I started shaking, could feel my heart beating fast and I burst into tears.
Then I started panicking that this stress would harm the baby, so I cried harder! DP and Mum had to tell me breathe and calm me down. But obvs being pregnant its not that easy, I've only just got to the point now where I don't feel I'll burst into tears at any moment. It took another friend and DP to get her to stop, but still no apology. I couldn't exactly tell her why I didn't need stress in my life.

But enough of that, I just needed to rant.

The last few days I have been getting a few small cramps, the first one I noticed two days after my BFP.
There was one night however I remember waking up early morning with extreme cramp in my lower gut/pelvic area. Went toilet, came back to bed and did some deep breathing. Felt like my tummy did some farts inside, then I did a few little real passing of gas, and it was gone.
It was very strange. I've never had this before so I feel kind of better that perhaps this is my lil nuggy settling in and it'll be different than before.

Well I have to go, I had other things to update but I will have to do it later. :)


  1. I had the same thing happen to me the weekend I got my BFP, husband's ex wife's mom started sending me awful facebook messages and accusing me of a bunch of crap and that mess lasted for 3 days! I was a wreck! It would have been bad not preggo but during pregnancy it's like anxiety kicks into high gear anyway and omg it was horrible! So I can totally sympathize! You just gotta let it go and realize people like that have problems and accusing someone of stuff and being outright mean is just wrong and they are not being adults when they do stuff like that! So keep your head up and don't worry about em, just remember your little blessing and let everything else go! It's gonna be ok :-) I definitely had alot of cramps for the first few weeks too, it gets better and is totally normal. Prayin for ya hun!

  2. Hi, I'm Alexis! New follower ;) love your blog!

  3. Hi Alexis, thank you for following :) I shall go check out your blog.

    And Heather, thanks hun. Gets you a bit down and out after being so happy. People are just stupid I think, i'm just going to keep to myself. Will be keeping my head up! :)