Friday, 24 August 2012

Weekly Update

I have decided upon seeing a few other blogs doing it and thinking it looked cool, that I will do a weekly update each Friday. :) So here we go.

How Far Along? 4w + 3days

How big is baby? About 1.25mm

How I'm feeling? Alright, little scared, little excited. :)

Weight? 51kg, i've never been "skinny" I have got a belly/hips but I just don't get heavy. :/

How I'm changing? Not really sure yet, am I meant to yet? Is my tummy meant to be hard? 

What I miss? Being able to eat without thinking "Am I allowed this? Is it safe?!" and last night after a hard day at work a small drink would have been nice.

Symptoms? They all seem to have gone, I get a VERY sore back though if I stand up too long. And I am very irritable. 

Aversions? Weetbix Honey Crunch bites. Didn't particularly like the taste anymore, but wasn't an overwhelming no-no.

Meds? Folic acid + Iodine + Iron

Appts? Had one yesterday for prenatal bloods and thyroid check, and diabetes check.


  1. I totally understand your 'little scared, little excited' comment, after all that you've been through! And the nightmare of trying to remember what you can and can't eat will hopefully get easier as this pregnancy progresses. I seem to love all the wrong foods - sushi, medium rare steak, poached eggs etc so I'm trying to get my fill of these for the next 2 weeks before my FET!! And in Oz it's the same here about the miscarriage testing. I asked about it after my 2nd loss, and they told me that they normally don't look into the reasons why my pregnancies don't progress until after the 3rd loss. It's a cruel world sometimes! But everything is sounding relaxed and good with you, and that's wonderful! x

    1. Thanks Ali, it does indeed suck about the medical system. :( But I am definately keeping my head up and being positive!

      Haha, I wish I had preplanned for incase I got pregnant, drunk a few more drinks, eaten a few more eggs and dodgy takeaway chicken.

  2. Right there with ya hun, definitely scared and excited at the same time! It gets better though! Make sure you get a good prenatal vitamin too that has all the good stuff in it :-)

    1. I'm just taking Iodine, Iron and Folic Acid tablets. Though I do believe the Iron tabs have other stuff too, I shall have a look and will probably talk about it in my next blog post. :) I can't wait until it gets better.

  3. Congrats on your little bean! Hoping that all goes well, and that you have a happy, healthy, and uneventful nine months. :)

    ICLW #7

  4. When is your next appointment? Isn't it crazy how little our babies start off and then how fast they grow? I am praying that this is your take home baby!!

    1. I haven't yet got one as I haven't told my midwife. I'm planning on using the same one as I've had the past two times so that she knows my history and she was lovely the last few times.
      But once I do tell her it will probably be in few weeks.

      I am praying too! :)