Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NT Scan + Update

SO yesterday was our NT scan, and I could barely contain my excitement until Sunday. Sunday came and I had the BIGGEST migraine I have had in a looong time, and it killed all possible excitement for me.
Possibly also because I ate a piece of ham earlier that day and started panicing I was suffering from listeria, lesson learnt.

But as the time on Monday morning got closer I did get more and more excited, the blood test was the fastest I've ever had as my blood just flew into the tube and off we were to the Radiology centre. I had drunk about 750mL of water an hour previous as they requested and surprisingly I did NOT need to pee, this made me even more nervous.

Finally got in there and lay down on the bed, held my breath and there it was. Upside down, but very clearly a little baby. Not a blob, but a fully fledged baby shaped baby. She was showing me my placenta, babys bladder and stomach, spine, brain, everything and all I wanted to see was the heart! She finally got a good view of it and pushed the button to get a reading, at Midwife last week because baby kept running away she could only put down it was between 140-150 BPM, and yesterday it was 154 BPM. I was elated, this is actually happening and it is actually alive in there!

We saw it's little feet, and even got a photo that made the ultrasound lady go 'Aww look at that, how cute!', its little hands which baby LOVES to fly all over the place and touch its face with, it's tiny tiny nose which makes me think perhaps DP's genes have kicked in and baby will get his cute native nose.
But one thing baby did not want to do is keep still enough and in the right position for US tech to get the measurements she needed of the Nuchal fold, so we tried again after I pee'd and still wanted nothing of it, then she had me jump up & down and kneel on all fours for a bit and eventually she just had to make do with what she had.
I wasn't too concerned as it meant our scan lasted 45 minutes and to me the main thing was that it was growing and has a strong heartbeat.

Baby measured at 13weeks + 4 days, so was 4 days ahead of last scan dates and much closer to my LMP date of 14 weeks. So going by that my EDD will now be 2nd May, but I will have to see what they say at next midwife appointment for agreed EDD.
Next appointment is a while away though, 6th December or something like that, and next scan will be mid December. I don't know if I can wait that long!

Bump is getting rather large, this bub definately wants its presence known, and everyone does know now. We posted on FB after telling all those that mattered first, and everyone seems very excited. Yay!

I will try do a Weekly Update in next few days for the one I missed, but I have to go right now to work. :( Sigh, so can't be bothered today, have another headache.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Midwife Appt

So I just got back from my MW appointment and thought I would do a quick update. :)

I got to hear bubs heartbeat, and it was so relieving! The little so-and-so would let us find it then run away, did this about 3 times and then finally sat still for a bit. It was very exciting, for a moment I paniced she wouldn't find it. But baby is OK, YAY!

Now I must toddle off to work in a state of bliss, and then come home and figure out telling f.acebook and what I shall do re:maternity leave and how long.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Week 11 Update - Telling people

How Far Along? Scan dates make today 12+1

How big is baby? Week 11 baby lime - I love limes! :)

How I'm feeling? Getting better as MS is slowly disappearing, yay!

Weight? Unsure. Midwife might weigh me this week.

How I'm changing? Belly is much more pronounced, having to hide it for now till everyone knows. 

What I miss? Not having to eat/drink so much or be so picky with everything.

Symptoms?  Get tired so easy, breathless.

Aversions?  Hmm, just anything that smells strong. Hot drinks. 

Meds? None atm.  

Appts? Still the same: Midwife on 25th, and scan+bloods on 29th. Finally only 1 week to go! :D So excited!

This week we have also started telling people. Just important people, family and close friends, oh and my workmates. Planning on telling everyone else end of this week after MW appointment. I still get this worry in my mind that perhaps something has gone wrong, but my body is hiding the fact by not bleeding etc. I also panic after EVERY meal that I've contracted salmonella etc, I just want this appointment over and done with so I can feel safe again. If she can't check for heartbeat then I'll just panic for longer till scan, and wait till then to tell everyone else. 
I'm also MEGA excited to see my baby moving and looking like a real life baby. Their little hands, feet, fingers, nose... and get a picture to treasure. :) Eeee hurry up time!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 10 update

How Far Along? Scan dates today is 11 + 1

How big is baby? Week 10 my baby was a fig - wow getting big now

How I'm feeling? Average, over the morning sickness and people not knowing.

Weight? Unsure.

How I'm changing? Boobs now have officially overflowed my old bras, had to go up a size. 

What I miss? Relaxing with anything I felt like eating, and not having to eat every 30 minutes!

Symptoms?  Sick still, hunger, tired, bloated

Aversions?  Hmm, just anything that smells strong. 

Meds? Same as before. 

Appts? Still the same: Midwife on 25th, and scan+bloods on 29th. Coming slooooowly...

Im still alive

Phew, it's finally over. School is back and I am back to having my mornings free, and I am sooooo ready for it. Last week I thought MS was going away and was ecstatic to finally be able to enjoy being pregnant, but then this weekend bought me back to reality. MS is still here, and still has the power to bring everything back up. I wished for MS at the start just so I could feel safe and like this time might be different, now 11 weeks in I just wish it would go away. It is ruining my days, and I feel like everything is an effort. My house is nowhere near as clean as it used to be, and DP is just as useless as he's been having stressful times at work and physically exhausted. Besides, we all know a man's "clean" is nothing like a women's.

Time is going so slowly to me, I feel like everyone else I follow is progressing faster and passing me! Is my little corner of the world on slow pace? 11 weeks, or 12 if by LMP. Oh how I wish my scan had not been a week behind.  In life I have seen a few pregnancy announcements on FB and it's just made me so much much more upset at how slow it is going, I want to finally have that feeling of people knowing and congratulating me. Usually i'm just the one sitting reading about everyone else's going "whens my turn?" and my turn is very very close!
I mentioned in my last post about DPs friend who is an expecting father, they announced their pregnancy last week so she is 2 weeks ahead of me, which is not far at all. Another person who announced theirs I was not so thrilled about, and not because I do not like the person, but because I fear for the baby. She is not mature enough to even look after herself safely and hygienically, let alone a helpless child. Drug loving, minimal clothing, 'gangsta' wannabe, law hating citizen. Yes, she is one of those. She will not tell anyone how far along she is, which has raised eyebrows. She has had her first scan, so she should know, but will not say. What is the point in announcing it if you aren't going to tell people about it? Secondly, she has history of twins in her family and I swear to god if she has two I will scream.

Well there is not much else I have going on in life to update on, my life is actually THAT boring. :/

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Week 9 Update + More

Wow these school holidays are CRAZY busy. I am just so tired by the time I come home I eat, sleep, wake, work, eat, sleep... etc etc. And we had our sleepover Friday just been, and I felt the best I have in ages! No sickness, pheeew. It's going away now, MS that is, and I am quite happy to see the end of it on the horizon. Yes, it also makes me worry that something has gone wrong, but I just need to push that to the back of my mind. No spotting, bleeding and still get other symptoms so I will be A-OK. :)

How Far Along? By scan dates today is 10 weeks. Double digits YAY!

How big is baby? Week 9 my baby is a little olive

How I'm feeling? Much better now, just so so tired! And missing a few things of non-pregnant life.

Weight? Unsure.

How I'm changing? My skin is in hate-me mode, so hormones are playing crazy games. Otherwise just slowly growing 

What I miss? Luncheon! OMG I want luncheon soooo bad. One those Ham & Chicken luncheon rolls, I could just eat one all up. Everytime a child at work has a ham sandwich I just want to cry. Also some shrimps and surimi wouldn't go a miss...

Symptoms?  Either loving or hating food and drink. Tired. Otherwise seem to be doing ok...

Aversions?  Hmm, just anything that smells strong. 

Meds? Same as before. 

Appts? Still the same: Midwife on 25th, and scan+bloods on 29th. Coming slooooowly...

Just as another thought, I am having trouble deciding when I want to tell people, I thought previous that once I hit 12 weeks I would do it. Then a few things popped up, like my mothers bday which will be at 11 weeks 2 days, and a staff party which will be at 11 weeks 6 days. 
However with my not having another appointment till 13 weeks I am much too scared incase I tell and at ultrasound they say "sorry we can't find a heartbeat" and I would publicly have to go through a miscarriage.
Aaargh decision decisions!

I have thought HOW i would like to tell people, I am planning to take a picture of DP hugging me from behind, with my top pulled up, and "Baby *last name* coming 2013" or "Coming soon" something along those lines, written on my belly. :) Then it's a little different to most people who post their 13 week scan and announce with that. I'd like to be different.

Writing this just reminded me of a funny story too. Last weekend I was feeling totally shattered on Friday night and just wanted bed. Fell asleep on the couch, woke myself up snoring (which I NEVER do so DP decided he had to record it), and was sweating like a mad man. DP was full of beans so I said to him to go out and enjoy a night without me lol. He carried me to bed and organised for his mates to come get him.
Skip to 4am and DP dragging himself into bed, and all I can see is his phone lighting up all over the place, but he was so tired he just left it till morning. Woke in morning and he was texting looking at me all confused/worried, turns out someone whom I don't like had text him and said 'Congratulations on baby' he text back pretending he knew nothing and asking who had told her I was pregnant, she told us who so DP text him. He then wondered what on earth we were on about as he hadn't told her that, I began to panic thinking "what the hell is going on!". Few hours later the guy who was blamed for telling her had found the issue, turns out that DP's friend he was with had told said guy that HIS partner is at home hormonal because she's pregnant. Said guy then mentioned it to a group and she thought they were referring to DP and myself. 
1) I breathed a huge relief and also giggled that they were so bang on but didn't even realise and 2) what a coincidence that both DP and his friend had hormonal gfs at home! I don't know the other pregnant women, and said guy didnt know how far along she is but she's not very far. I am happy DP had a friend he can turn to when we announce our news too. :) 

This is getting long, and I am getting hungry so I must go now. After next week I should be back to my blogging self, fingers crossed! :)