Sunday, 19 August 2012


I'm new to charting my temps so I'm looking for help with interpreting what I see please?

Are these levels low? Why does it increase so slowly and/or level?
What should I be looking out for?

Is there a way I can put a pic here, not just the click link?

TIA :)


  1. It is tough to say since you started charting after O. If you click over to my page and then click on the picture of my chart on the right side, you can see all of the charts that I have posted so far. There you can see my general pattern. The LP is normally like an arc. It goes up, stays up for a while, and then goes down (unless you are pregnant and then it stays up). I think you might want to finish charting this cycle and then next cycle start from the beginning so you can see the full pattern. Or you may get lucky this month and not need to do that. ;)

  2. Hey there from ICLW!

    I agree with the lovely D - keep charting but you may need to chart from the beginning next cycle (if there is one) to get a full picture.

  3. Hi! I'm stopping by from ICLW too. I live in the U.S. and am not so good with other measurements. Lame, I know. It would help to have a "coverline" on your chart that FF usually puts in a couple days after you've ovulated. But maybe because you didn't chart for the first part of your cycle, they didn't put it in. Anyway, I do find my numbers can rise slowly and fluctuate a bit, but then usually (but not always) drop a bit before my period starts. I can answer other questions offline if you'd like, I've been charting for a while (unfortunately!). I read your story and it's so frustrating about the 3 miscarriage policy. Ridiculous. I hope you get your BFP and make the policy a moot point. Well, glad to find your blog and sending you good wishes.

    1. Thanks Kristina! It is verrry frustrating about the 3 strike rule!
      Thank you for your advice/feedback. I was worried about the ups and downs a bit, but good to know its normal :)

  4. Hi from ICLW #13. Charting is so confusing to me too. Some months seem to show a 'normal' pattern, but most months have been haywire for me. The only time when my temps seem to be consistent each month is during the days I have AF. Sorry for not being much help with YOUR chart, I also agree that perhaps seeing more temps through the entire cycle might help establish a pattern.