Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sigh CD8.

Today was NOT a good day. I feel like I blog more about bad things than good recently? Hmm must try remember to post good days too.

Anyway, I woke up today early and snoozed again for a bit. Then I got a text and I was stuck awake, I knew straight away that I was not going to have a good day. 
Started off pretty slow and easy just packing some stuff for our move this weekend.

I was just grumpy. Got grumpy at DP, got grumpy at BFF and grumpy at life.
It's almost like my AF side effects are a week late.

Tomorrow I am determined to have a better day. :) We are getting keys to our new place tomorrow which I am stoked about! We will probably start moving some boxes in. 
Packing is soooo annoying, I've packed the bathroom and our wardrobe completely. (Minus the basics out of bathroom we need) Lounge is mostly big items we can't put in boxes, Kitchen I am waiting till Friday to pack because we do need to eat, and the Spare bedroom is half packed and half not. I told DP that was his job. Hence why it is still in the state I left it.

Bonus, while I was in Spare room other day I did find a Basal Thermometer as I was packing some stuff! Never even knew we had one, I am planning on giving it a clean and then seeing if it still works. 

Combined with my first month of OPKing this is getting quite exciting. On the subject of OPK, I have a few questions for you all:

1) Whens the best time of day to do one?
2) What day do I start them? (I was thinking tomorrow or next day)
3) Is there anything I can't do around testing time?

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. favorite subject! :)

    1. I do the Clearblue Digitals first thing in the AM. My doctor told me those work best with FMU, but they are the only ones. I use the Wondfos (internet cheapies) in the PM. If I get a smiley in the AM with the digi then I confirm with the Wondfo (because I am nuts!).

    2. Since this is your first time doing opks I would start earlier rather than later. I think most people recommend starting on cd10.

    3. I would say the only thing you really need to do differently during testing time is make sure you hold your urine for 3-4 hours before taking a test. You'll get the most accurate answer that way.

    For more opk info go to Good luck to you this cycle! Sorry you had a rough day. I hope things turn around for you this month. Hang in there, girl!

  2. - Start testing on CD10. Many women think they will ovulate always close to CD14 but this is not always the case. I've ovulated as early as CD10 and as late as CD19.

    - All the opk's I use say "Do Not Use First Morning Urine" because you always have LH in your system so it's almost always concentrated in the morning. So the best time is around 10:00 am, 2nd morning urine. I've tested this theory and have gotten a positive with 1st morning urine when I was nowhere near ovulation. Of course the second and third test of the day were negative. I don't know about the digital ones, they are too expensive to me and you only get 7 in a box usually so I use the internet cheapies (like 20 of them so I can test twice daily) and watch the line get darker then fade again.

    2. The best advice I've been given is to test TWICE a day. Once around 10 am and once around 2-3 pm. A surge can last anywhere from 12-48 hours but in my experience, if I don't test twice a day, I can miss the surge (have missed it twice since ttc). Which makes you afraid you're not going to ovulate and all that. Both times I missed the surge, I did indeed ovulate, just missed the surge completely because I wasn't testing twice a day.

    On basal body temp charting - it's a HUGE help! I've been charting since March and have found that I now can predict when I will ovulate by my temps and know for sure when it happened after the fact (you will always get a sustained temp rise for three days after O). I don't think I could be sane without charting, it makes my OCD very happy! Also, you can monitor hormone levels this way as well. An estrogen surge (before O) can make your temp drop. High progesterone (which is crucial during the two week wait) is indicated by high temps. I can always tell if my progesterone is not high enough during the luteal phase if my temps are on the low side so I can supplement with progesterone cream.

    Hope all the handy ttc tools will help you hun! They've helped me tremendously and while I haven't been successful yet, I know I'm getting closer and without these tools I'd be lost!

  3. Wow thanks ladies :) I am CD10 today so will start OPKing today!

    I didn't realise how much temping could help and track things like progesterone. I feel like such a noob at times haha, but yay! Might dig out that thermometer now.

    Yay! Thanks again