Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NT Scan + Update

SO yesterday was our NT scan, and I could barely contain my excitement until Sunday. Sunday came and I had the BIGGEST migraine I have had in a looong time, and it killed all possible excitement for me.
Possibly also because I ate a piece of ham earlier that day and started panicing I was suffering from listeria, lesson learnt.

But as the time on Monday morning got closer I did get more and more excited, the blood test was the fastest I've ever had as my blood just flew into the tube and off we were to the Radiology centre. I had drunk about 750mL of water an hour previous as they requested and surprisingly I did NOT need to pee, this made me even more nervous.

Finally got in there and lay down on the bed, held my breath and there it was. Upside down, but very clearly a little baby. Not a blob, but a fully fledged baby shaped baby. She was showing me my placenta, babys bladder and stomach, spine, brain, everything and all I wanted to see was the heart! She finally got a good view of it and pushed the button to get a reading, at Midwife last week because baby kept running away she could only put down it was between 140-150 BPM, and yesterday it was 154 BPM. I was elated, this is actually happening and it is actually alive in there!

We saw it's little feet, and even got a photo that made the ultrasound lady go 'Aww look at that, how cute!', its little hands which baby LOVES to fly all over the place and touch its face with, it's tiny tiny nose which makes me think perhaps DP's genes have kicked in and baby will get his cute native nose.
But one thing baby did not want to do is keep still enough and in the right position for US tech to get the measurements she needed of the Nuchal fold, so we tried again after I pee'd and still wanted nothing of it, then she had me jump up & down and kneel on all fours for a bit and eventually she just had to make do with what she had.
I wasn't too concerned as it meant our scan lasted 45 minutes and to me the main thing was that it was growing and has a strong heartbeat.

Baby measured at 13weeks + 4 days, so was 4 days ahead of last scan dates and much closer to my LMP date of 14 weeks. So going by that my EDD will now be 2nd May, but I will have to see what they say at next midwife appointment for agreed EDD.
Next appointment is a while away though, 6th December or something like that, and next scan will be mid December. I don't know if I can wait that long!

Bump is getting rather large, this bub definately wants its presence known, and everyone does know now. We posted on FB after telling all those that mattered first, and everyone seems very excited. Yay!

I will try do a Weekly Update in next few days for the one I missed, but I have to go right now to work. :( Sigh, so can't be bothered today, have another headache.

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