Monday, 15 October 2012

Im still alive

Phew, it's finally over. School is back and I am back to having my mornings free, and I am sooooo ready for it. Last week I thought MS was going away and was ecstatic to finally be able to enjoy being pregnant, but then this weekend bought me back to reality. MS is still here, and still has the power to bring everything back up. I wished for MS at the start just so I could feel safe and like this time might be different, now 11 weeks in I just wish it would go away. It is ruining my days, and I feel like everything is an effort. My house is nowhere near as clean as it used to be, and DP is just as useless as he's been having stressful times at work and physically exhausted. Besides, we all know a man's "clean" is nothing like a women's.

Time is going so slowly to me, I feel like everyone else I follow is progressing faster and passing me! Is my little corner of the world on slow pace? 11 weeks, or 12 if by LMP. Oh how I wish my scan had not been a week behind.  In life I have seen a few pregnancy announcements on FB and it's just made me so much much more upset at how slow it is going, I want to finally have that feeling of people knowing and congratulating me. Usually i'm just the one sitting reading about everyone else's going "whens my turn?" and my turn is very very close!
I mentioned in my last post about DPs friend who is an expecting father, they announced their pregnancy last week so she is 2 weeks ahead of me, which is not far at all. Another person who announced theirs I was not so thrilled about, and not because I do not like the person, but because I fear for the baby. She is not mature enough to even look after herself safely and hygienically, let alone a helpless child. Drug loving, minimal clothing, 'gangsta' wannabe, law hating citizen. Yes, she is one of those. She will not tell anyone how far along she is, which has raised eyebrows. She has had her first scan, so she should know, but will not say. What is the point in announcing it if you aren't going to tell people about it? Secondly, she has history of twins in her family and I swear to god if she has two I will scream.

Well there is not much else I have going on in life to update on, my life is actually THAT boring. :/

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