Friday, 2 November 2012

Woops Bit Late..

Realised I haven't done a Weekly Update for weeks 12 or 13 !

How Far Along? Latest scan makes me now 14w+1day

How big is baby? Week 13 baby was a peach :)

How I'm feeling? Tired! I am so much more tired, and everyone kept saying Id have more energy. Liars. :(

Weight? Nobody wants to weigh me, so I shall plug in my Wii later and check myself.

How I'm changing? Belly growing, otherwise I think Im pretty normal. Forgetting a lot of stuff tho... 

What I miss? Chugging back Milk, I used to be able to drink it for days on end and now once or twice a week :(

Symptoms?  Tired, hungry all the time

Aversions?  Honey Soy Chicken noodles, I dry retch at the smell. 

Meds? None atm.  Need to get more Iodine

Appts? Well Midwife & Scan are over :) See pic below. Next ones are in December, uuurgh the wait begins again!

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