Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 10 update

How Far Along? Scan dates today is 11 + 1

How big is baby? Week 10 my baby was a fig - wow getting big now

How I'm feeling? Average, over the morning sickness and people not knowing.

Weight? Unsure.

How I'm changing? Boobs now have officially overflowed my old bras, had to go up a size. 

What I miss? Relaxing with anything I felt like eating, and not having to eat every 30 minutes!

Symptoms?  Sick still, hunger, tired, bloated

Aversions?  Hmm, just anything that smells strong. 

Meds? Same as before. 

Appts? Still the same: Midwife on 25th, and scan+bloods on 29th. Coming slooooowly...

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