Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekly Update - Week 8

I think this must one of the few Fridays i've actually done it on the right day haha.

How Far Along? I'm going to go by scan dates since that what everything else is running by, so today is 9 weeks.

How big is baby? Week 8 baby is a raspberry. :)

How I'm feeling? Bit better than other weeks, but as I get closer to 13 weeks without bleeding then it's bound to get better. :)

Weight? Unsure.

How I'm changing? Boobs are huge, stomach is sticking out and hard to hide. Hair is getting oily, ew. 

What I miss? Pre-MS happiness, and my belly not protuding so much. I won't mind about that when people know, but it's hard to hide.

Symptoms?  Getting less MS during the day, night still SUCKS. And I can't seem to stay awake past 9pm. Hungry aaaaalllll the time. Getting small cravings, but not full on ones. LOVING peanut butter.

Aversions?  Garlic Bread. Really really can't do that one atm. 

Meds? Went back to Dr and he prescribed me B6 (? is that the right number?) tablets, but still have so Meto tablets for when really need them. 

Appts? Midwife on 25th, and scan+bloods on 29th :) Not so smiley at the bloods part...


  1. Yay for making it to 8 weeks! Is it me or is the time going so slowly???

    1. It is going extremely slowly... they put me a week back with my dating scan and since then its all draaaagggged. :(