Friday, 21 September 2012

Weekly Update - W7

I think this must one of the few Fridays i've actually done it on the right day haha.

How Far Along? By LMP: 8+3, By Scan: 7 + 5, By Ovulation 8 + 1. So who knows!

How big is baby? End of week 7 baby is now about 2cm, but over the week baby is compared to a blueberry. :)

How I'm feeling? Same as last week, still nervous, but bit more confident! Would be better if wasn't sick and constantly worrying about food/drink.

Weight? Unsure.

How I'm changing? Boobs are much firmer and bigger. Belly growing. 

What I miss? Eating anything! Drinking freely. Not waking up dreading the day.

Symptoms?  Sick ALL the time. Haven't vomited in last few days, but that's not for lack of nausea. 

Aversions?  Coffee, sauces, meat. Everything really seems yuck except dry foods like biscuits/crackers/grain waves. Also can't take my iron tablets, they have a fizzing effect and my body does not appreciate it.

Meds? Metoclopramide + Blackmores Morning Sickness + Folic Acid. Don't feel the Meto is working though, so will be returning to Dr.

Appts? Don't get anymore until W13, which seems so far away! But have to ring and book them on Monday. Will be going back to Dr next week to chat about nausea again. 

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