Tuesday, 18 September 2012


So had Dr appt this morning re:all day sickness, and he has prescribed me Metoclopramide. Take it 3 times daily to start with, then just as I feel I need it to see how it goes.

Took one about an hour ago, and the feeling has got a lot better but we'll see as usually this is the better time of day anyway.
Drinking will be the true test... :/ (Nooo not alcohol, just general liquid drinking haha)


  1. Hope that the medicine helps you out! I think that all of this morning sickness id definitely a good sign that your little baby is growing strong! :)

    1. Thanks D, thats what DP keeps telling me too "but its just babies way of telling you their okay."
      I'm like 'ok I believe you now baby, can you stop now?'

      The tablets haven't seemed to work too much yet, still feel sick a lot and still throw up now and then. Lets just hope it takes a few days for my body to adjust and them to start working

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