Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's here...

It's officially here. Morning sickness. Bleeeeeeeeergh. It started yesterday at 6w 1d by LMP.

I got it yesterday while still recovering from my flu and thankfully made it to the bathroom in time. In preparation for today I bought some Morning Sickness tablets and bought some crackers and ginger beer.

Woke up this morning, ate a few crackers before getting out of bed. Got up and had my morning sickness tablets, and attempted to eat breakfast. Baby did not agree with breakfast, so I had some ginger beer.
Now I just keep feeling little waves of uneasyness. I think I actually felt better yesterday when I just vomited and let it out.

In 50 minutes I have to go back to work for the first time this week, and I am extremely nervous that I will feel even worse there.

I reckon the worst part of it all is not knowing when it will end, how long will my MS last? Is it just a fleeting visit to let me know things are ok, or is it here for the long haul?

It does make me feel much better about this pregnancy, I didn't have MS with the last two so perhaps it's a sign saying this time is different. :) I will take that and clutch it with two hands.

I am slightly nervous about Tuesdays scan, but also excited. I just wish it would hurry up! DP is working away that day so I will have to get up early to drive and pick him up, then drive back again and drop him back off. That journey back will either be very solemn, or very happy.

Does anyone have any tips for MS, how to deal with it etc? Everything is appreciated!

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  1. Mine showed up at the exact same time, 6 weeks 1 day and it was horrible! Still is! lol The key is to keep eating I think. I seem to feel much better after eating than before and it has to be bland. I tried eating a hamburger the other night and it made it worse so not everything works. Crackers are always good. My MS with my last pregnancy was much worse than this one, I tossed my cookies all day long no matter what. With this one it's just a constant nagging nausea that never dissipates until I've eaten then still comes back about an hour later. It's almost worse than actual vomiting because at least purging makes you feel better for a while! I actually welcome the nausea though, I start worrying when it's gone for too long! Hoping you are doing good today and can't wait to hear about your scan on Tuesday!! :-)