Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ultrasound #1

So today was the day I was so nervous about, our first ultrasound.

I woke up and still had brown spotting, and my morning sickness had reduced so I barely even cared about it anymore. This concerned me as I thought "oh here we go..all my symptoms are disappearing"

Got to the clinic and sat down, not needing to pee at all like usual, instead just wanting to vomit all the water back up. I actually didn't get through the whole 1L, after about 750mL I was so close to bringing it back up I dared not drink anymore!

My name was called, turned around and it was the woman who had told us about our first miscarriage, and she was not very nice. Went into the room and she was much friendly than our first meeting, perhaps it was to do with the "2 Previous Miscarriages" written on my form.
She asked about if I was having any bleeding, and I said I was having some brown discharge and she said, like we all get told, that it's just old blood so not to be concerned.

I don't even remember if it was me or her who undid my pants, but she had the towel and gel done so fast. Then she put the scanny thingy (noooo idea what the wands name is) on my tummy and I held my breathe.

I saw the blob come up, first sigh of relief as there is something there, then I saw it. That beautiful little patch that flickers, first thing she said "Theres the heartbeat".
YAY! Our baby is alive! :D Her heartbeat was 119BPM, i say her as thats what me and DP reckon haha.
She was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day, but the tech didn't seem concerned. I wasn't too worried either as that just means baby is going more by my Ovulation date than my LMP dates.

I'm still getting brown discharge, and I'm a little nervous still about it but seeing that image today made me stress a LOT less. Tech said she couldn't see any bleeding, and it might just be implantation bleed. Phew.

Midwife appointment on Thursday will be a lot better. :) Thank you everyone who had their fingers crossed! We have made it to this point, now lets keep chugging.


  1. Yay!!!! Such amazing news! I am so glad that everything went great yesterday. :)

    1. Thanks D, :) I am so relieved! I will definitely sleep easier tonight. Just wish they had home scan machines so could see it whenever I needed.

  2. That's so wonderful!! I was praying for ya, I bet this baby's gonna be fine! :-) Hang in there!

  3. Great, great news! I am so happy for you!