Wednesday, 6 June 2012

:/ Whoopsy... TMI


Well I'm so excited just knowing that MAYBE, just MAYBE I could be pregnant! However if whats going on with me right now is pregnancy symptoms then all I have to say is "WTF!"

I swear this is probably one of the most embarrasing things EVER to happen to me, but tonight for dinner we had Subway. (Mmmm...Teriyaki chicken, bacon, extra smoked cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and ranch dressing on Italian Herbs & Cheese)
Well about an hour later after finishing my foot long I thought "Oh need to do a little fart..." well blow me down I followed through... I stood up, accidentally knocked my laptop over and walked quick smart to the toilet. :O Whhhhy?

I'm not sure whether it was the fact I hadn't eaten anything else today, or that my body is just being weird as I've increasingly been having more bowel movements the last few days. But really, are they that bad now I can't even flex my cheeks without a dribble? :/

Other things my body has decided to plague me with this week are insomnia, extreme thirst and dry skin. Like scaly red dry skin..sandpaper. I first thought it was from accidentally putting a product containing something I was allergic to on my face but after moisturising and obviously stopping applying the product its just getting WORSE.

Also having a few language issues this week...brain and mouth not cooperating. I told my boss yesterday "Oh my vibrator just phoned.." :|  Hmm awkward...

Sigh. All I can hope is pleeeeease let this be for a good reason!

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