Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wake Me Up..

..when its over.

This next week is going to be a drag! School holidays means stressful work, less sleep, and more "how many days till O?" checks. AF left a week ago, and next weekend is meant to be O time, but I'm still waiting for my OPKs to arrive! I would like them ASAP as I'm not sure exactly when O will be because it's been late the last few times.
I also realised that in my first YouTube vid where I introduce myself etc I said that if I got pregnant this cycle that my birth date would be April. Well thats a bit of hit & miss.
Going by 1st day of last period the due date would be about 25th March, but going by conception date of O time it would be about 30th March. So technically it would be March due, but could be April born! I have my fingers crossed!

Speaking of YouTube, go check out my channel!

So the next few weeks it might be a bit slow here as I will be busy so often I might not get that many posts in, but I will try get in my O post! :) Im kind of excited, normally im dreading it but for once I'm excited. I just have this feeling that the next time I get pregnant is it. Next time I WILL get my baby!

Argh, GTG! Visitors! :)

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  1. Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you'll be so busy that the time will pass by quickly. Good luck!