Friday, 9 November 2012

Gas ?

As I sit here and go to write to you all, I just can't stop releasing gas! This is possibly a good sign after last night, which I will begin to explain.

Last night I came home fully prepared to do Date Night with DP as he'd requested earlier in the week. DP didn't finish till near 7pm, and in he rocked with a box of bourbons and his best friend in tow. Conclusion: Someone forgot about date night.
Little while later DP asks if I left car outside for a reason, i reminded him of said Date Night and he had totally forgotten. I didn't mind as by time he got home I was exhausted, but the thing that gets me is how he brings home workmates/friends occasionally on a week night. I have explained to him I usually am shattered and just want it to be us to relax and weekend is friend time, but no he still does it.

Well he had to go pick something up for work the next day so he and BF went to get that while I had a shower.
Normally Im not a fan of showers as I get sore feet standing so long, but last night it turned to hell.
I went to get out the shower and noticed my stomach was quite sore, it quickly progressed to the "OMG must sit down NOW" stage and whenever I sat it eased, but standing it just felt tight and sore.

Me, being me, I then proceeded to lie on the couch and go through all my days food and activity and possible things that may have caused my pain and whether I had just given myself a miscarriage. Yes, thats right I believed I was about to experience yet another miscarriage.

Turns out I'm not as "safe" feeling about this baby as I first thought. :(

This morning I woke up and still felt a bit off and heavy, but since I've been farting I haven't been feeling so bad.

This has not meant my miscarriage fears are gone however, as the other night lying in bed I noticed I kept getting these sensations that I wondered were they baby or was it gas from all the coke I had drunk (BIG craving that night). Then I read D's post here and I realised I was feeling the same stuff she was!
It WAS baby, baby had just been awokened by all the damn Coca Cola it made me drink! Me and DP found it quite funny about that craving as DP is a lover of coke and I am always telling him he drinks too much, so we began joking that baby was taking after him.

Last night however, I didnt feel those same sensations. And now all I want more than anything is to be at that stage where I can feel baby strongly and all the time. I'm only 15 weeks, so I know it's normal to not feel that yet espec with first baby... but I can't help it!

What do you all reckon? Was this round ligament pain? Was it just gas? Or just random pain?  As the time ticks by without anymore serious pain or bleeding I feel safer, but I still want to know what it was, I want to know baby is safe!

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  1. I am betting it is just gas and the fact that all your intestines and stuff are being squished! lol. I get that alot. It usually passes after a while but I can usually tell it's gas and that all my innards are being compacted into a smaller space to make room for baby. Don't worry hun, I'm sure it's fine. Constipation is very common too and that can cause alot of pain before you even realize that's what it is. I wouldn't worry. And you are definitely probably feeling baby! I started feeling flutters at 15 weeks but they were very faint. At almost 18 weeks they are getting stronger but still not as constant and noticeable as I'd like them to be! lol Oh and if you don't have fetal doppler, those things are a lifesaver to me. I got one for $55 USD (not sure what your currency is over there) online which is pretty inexpensive and works great! Whenever I get worried that I'm not feeling baby like I should I fire it up and find his little heartbeat and it puts my mind at ease. So excited for you! Sounds like baby is doing great!