Thursday, 29 November 2012

I've been slack, but help please! :)

Hey everyone sorry I have been so slack lately, I really thought that going back to my normal work hours would mean I had more energy, but that was a joke. Hahah.

So today I am 18 weeks exactly, it all seems to just be creeping up to that 20 mark, half way uh oooh.
People always say "it doesn't feel like halfway though because there's about 5 weeks you didn't know" and I just feel like saying "actually I was struggling to conceive so those 5 weeks you "missed" were infact the longest 5 of this whole thing!"

Anyway, I will do a proper weekly update HOPEFULLY tomorrow as I don't have anything planned tomorrow monring, but for now I am wanting some advice from all you lovely people. :)

I am going to post some links and want to get your thoughts etc on a few different things.

Item 1) Travel system, has anybody used/heard about the Chicco Travel Systems? I am liking the Cortina one a bit more I think, but just wanted to get some advice on whether it was good/bad/heavy/waste of money etc.
If you haven't heard of them, is there a travel system you would recommend? (I live in Hobbitland thou so may not be able to get the same stuff here :( )

Chicco Cortina System

Chicco Trevi System

Item 2) Cloth Diapers. Whose good, whose bad, who leaks? Etc. I LOVE the patterns that I found on this Luv Earth facebook page, but would love to get some feedback. :)
Luv Earth Diapers

Item 3) BABY NAMES :D I am just wanting maybe some suggestions on names I haven't got on my list that may be similar or something I might like. Let me know, I am keen to hear ANYTHING as you never know what you may like. :)  I do already have my faves but I'll let you know them later when we find out what bub is
My Baby Name Ideas

So PLEASE let me know what your opinions etc are, I am open to hear anything and just want to get some background info on these things.
Thanks In Advance, :)


  1. Where have you gone to. I was following your posts and suddenly you are no longer posting. i hope everything is ok.

  2. Hey hun! I see no one has posted comments and we haven't heard from you in a while so I wanted to check on you and see if I can help with some of your items above and see how you are doing!

    I love Chicco and while I'm not going to use their travel system it is always in the top 5 on all the research I've done on car seats and travel systems. So I think you made a good choice! I am personally fond of Combi (not sure if that's available over there) so that's the car seat brand I'm getting and our stroller will be the Hauck Malibu 12. It has a universal infant seat attachment so you can remove the "stroller seat" part and just stick the car seat on there. Very handy!

    I am also researching cloth diapers as well. Not sure who's good and who's not yet but I think the all-in-ones will be what I go with. I don't like to think of having to do all that folding and pinning lol. Give me the easy stuff!

    Have you picked a name yet? We settled on Chase for our little boy coming in April and since then I have run across tons of cute names that I didn't hear before! lol But we are sticking with Chase. One in particular I really like is Pierson. Very unique and I think it would be cute for boy or girl (maybe drop the o and add y for girl?) I love all the names you listed, Emerson is one of my faves too (for boy or girl)! Let us know what you decide on!

    Hope all is well with you sweetie! Give us an update soon! :-)

  3. Hey there girlie! Just checking in to see how you are. Hope everything is going great for you! :)