Monday, 5 November 2012

So slooow

Time is going so slooooowly. I am 14 weeks and ..... erm, 4ish days I think? I have lost track.

What's new in my life?
Well DP is getting right up my nose. In the past 3 weeks he has forgotten twice to put out the bins in the morning, and that is a disaster here because one week is the Big bin, then the next is the glass, then the big bin, then glass etc etc. And he remembered only the glass bin... NOT the one that NEEDS to be emptied.
I text him this morning to let him know he had forgotten again, and that I don't know how he forgot since all the neighbours bins are out and they are bright orange. He had to walk past one to get into his work car. :/
I wouldn't mind as much, except he had already been annoying me with his laziness. I feel like he thinks I am already on maternity leave and have nothing better to do than clean up after him. Leaving his stuff wherever it dropped, leaving food and allsorts on the kitchen bench, toothpaste all over the bathroom sink, marks in the toilet.... urgh its never ending.
I actually sat here and cried this morning as our lounge/kitchen is open plan and so the smells of food from the kitchen just float through to the lounge and make me feel less than ideal aswell.

I am also getting sick of everyone asking me "Can you feel it move yet?" No. No I cannot, and when I can I will be sure to let the world know my excitement, but for now shut up and let me sit in anticipation. They have asked me so often that now I feel like perhaps I should be feeling it, and why aren't I? When will I? Is baby ok? Thank you dear people for scaring me.

I'm not sure whether its just me, but I HATE it when people who have already had children feel the need to tell you "oh you'll feel this and this will happen" "have you done this yet?" "i can't wait till you ____". Seriously, I am so glad you enjoyed your pregnancy, but I too would like to enjoy the fact this is my first pregnancy and I would like to discover everything BY MYSELF. They are sucking the excitement out of it for me.

So this post has accidentally turned into a moaning blog, woops. I am sorry, but there are some good things going on. :)

I have found myself getting a little bigger and I enjoy just sitting or lying and rubbing my belly, it just feels nice. I hope baby inside feels it too.

I am going away on a girls weekend at the end of the month with my mum, aunty and cousins. We all get along fantastic and my eldest cousin is bringing along 3 of her kids, and the youngest one is only a few months old. I am pretty damn excited to spend time with him and know that soon I'll have one of my own! Does mean I won't be able to jump on the motorbikes, but I shall survive. :) Plus, getting away to relax will be amazing! I should be 17 weeks by then, and have myself a cute bump that people will not be able to mistake for fat. Hahaha, plus it will be Summer! YAY, my favourite season.

Well I think this post is pretty long, so I shall leave it there. Hope you are all enjoying life, and FX for some more BFPs soon!

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