Thursday, 19 July 2012


No More! Please please please STOP.  I apologise now for any swearing that may follow...

This week is turning to hell. Shit. Garbage. Whatever you wanna call it.

There are pregnant women everywhere! On TV, at work, in the street. I feel like they are stalking me. And then, to top it off, I go on FB and see an old mate comment "Its Baby Time!" as his partner was in labour. Urgh, really. It was hard enough that they announced their pregnancy at the time I lost the twins, but now when it was supposed to be their week to arrive they freaking have theirs. :/ I know i know, you can't stop having a baby just because someone you know was due to have their babies that you didn't know about, and  it's just shit timing.

FML. I'm sick of waiting! I want to be pregnant NOW. If I was, even if I was just four weeks and still scared pantsless of loosing it, I would be happy looking at them saying "That could be me soon!" and rub/talk to my baby. :( IT'S NOT FAIR. Life's not fair.

And tomorrow I get to go with BestFriend to the hospital with her 8week old for his hearing test. Yay, surrounded by children/babies again. Woo. Grr.

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  1. I could have written this!! Why is it that pregnant ladies just seem to find us wherever we are. I can behaving a fabulous day and then I see a very pregnant woman and bam...fabulous day turned to $#!t. I swear I never even noticed pregnant women until I was having trouble. It just isn't fair. Hang in there, girl. I am hoping that our time is really soon.