Sunday, 22 July 2012

Body Schmody

So I am currently very angry at my body.

Since I had the miscarriage in March it has just not returned to normal, and I miss my old body. :( I don't like this "new normal" my body has decided upon.

1) My cycles are now 36 day average, not the old 28.
2) My hair is always frizzy/flyaways and frequent dandruff
3) Constantly chapped lips. I apply chapstick religiously and they just don't go away, perhaps due to number 4?
4) Sleep with my mouth open all the time. Whyyy?!
5) My neck/face has now got an acne issue, i mean I used to get pimples but now its like proper acne. Redness, groups of 'pimples' some of which are deep large bumps, they never seem to go away, and my pore's are huge!

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and just cried. I hated myself. I still hate my body.

Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen? I would not mind all these if it meant I had my bundle of joy still with me, but really? I had to go through the loss and now live with these horrible stupid reminders.


  1. Not the same thing, but similar things. Ever since my first miscarriage my cycles went so wacky...38-41 days. The Femara has helped that a ton (have you thought about trying it?). Now I am back to 29-32. I also have continued to lose hair ever since my first miscarriage. I think my hormones are just crazy out of whack still. I also can't seem to get back to my good pre-pregnancy shape. It just won't happen. I'm so sorry you are having all sorts of anomolies, too. Hoping for a BFP for you soon. You deserve it!!

  2. Thanks D :) I haven't thought about trying Femara or any drugs as when I had my first m/c they told me that they consider it "normal" until you've had 3 and thats when they will help. I have considered going to my doctor and seeing what he can do, if I don't get lucky this cycle then I will.
    My body hasn't come back to normal either, still look like i'm nearly at my 2nd trimester, so I'm going to join a gym!