Sunday, 8 July 2012


The other night after making the last post I sat thinking about how over the last month I've been really enjoying life. I have been going out with friends, really socialising and getting to know all the people I never really see. Its amazing.
I then realised that this month was not going to be my month, I just knew. Next month is more our time.
Then when checking my phone I realised that one app said 6th as O Day, and the other said the 9th. I was like " is the 6th!" and just as my body works with my mind and its previous thoughts about 'not this month' I was sooooooo shattered that night that I just feel asleep. Naked from the waist down. being the 8th I wasn't totally sure whether O had happened or not anyway.

Today I recieved my package of OPK's just in time to check whether I was O'ing. Now I'm not good with the whole OPK thing, but I followed the instructions and after 10min I checked and there was a line, but it wasn't as dark, so I understood that that meant it wasn't O time.
BUT, im not sure whether that means its BEFORE O time, or whether it also goes faint AFTER O time?
Can anyone help me on this please?


  1. It is hard to say which side of ovulation that you are on when you start testing in the middle of your cycle and aren't using digital opks. What cycle day are you? Now that I am on Femara, I have been starting opks on cd 10. I usually use the digitals in the AM and the cheapies as back-up in the PM so that I can see the progression of lines getting darker. :-) I hope that you are just getting ready to O and haven't missed it yet! Good luck!!

  2. You almost always have a small amount of lh in your body so there is almost always a faint line on the opks so it really isn't much of an indicator as to whether you have O'd already or if the surge hasn't started. I started using opks about 4 months ago and always have a faint line when I'm not near o on either side. It starts getting darker when the surge starts. Hope this helps! They are very frustrating sometimes though!

  3. I have no line at all until 2 days before ovulating, then it starts out faint and gets darker throughout the day. I still have a faint line there after ovulating, too. Keep checking and see if the line gets darker... then you'll know you didn't miss the O.

  4. Did another OPK last night and it was fainter, so I think I missed O. Owell, next month it is!

  5. Thanks for your help tho ladies :)